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5 Fabulous Fall Fashion Fundamentals

As we begin to say our goodbyes to Summer, it’s time to embrace the most wonderful time of the year – FALL!  Bonfires, colorful leaves, and of course ALL. THINGS. PUMPKIN!

As the seasons change, so should your wardrobe.  And not just your clothes, the whole shebang: shoes, hair styles, and make-up too!  Not sure how to transition from summer to fall? No worries, here are five fabulous ways to ease your way into Mother Nature’s most beautiful season!

  1. Leggings and tights and jeans, OH MY!
    The sun is setting earlier and our tans are fading; time to put those legs into hibernation.  Just because you are showing less skin, doesn’t mean you put away your sexy on the shelf! Now is the time to dig out those high waisted jeggings and dark wash skinny jeans.  And just because it’s getting chilly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that cute mini-dress you’ve been rocking all summer; throw on some tights and an oversized cardigan and boom! You’ve transitioned a breezy summer outfit into a fall fashion statement.
  2. Dress in colors complimentary to colors associated with the season.
    With the season getting cooler, you want your outfit to chill out too.  It’s time to ditch the bright pastels for bold reds, browns, yellows, and greens.  Keep it simple with solids and accent with those fun prints – scarves, jewelry, head/hair wraps, and shoes!
  3. Be bold with hair color and soft with the style.
    Just like changing your color with your wardrobe, you want to do the same with your hairstyle.  In the summer you want to go with cool color tones, well now it’s time to warm it up!  For blondes, give yourself a rich red or brunette low-light.  For brunettes, try a caramel undertone tone.  For red heads, Fall is your time to shine; throw some honey into those beautiful locks and compliment with a chocolate low-light.
    When you’re looking to change up the style, keep up with the soft curls and plenty of layered volume.  Now is the season to let your hair down – so loose the pony tails and buns.
  4. Be brave with make-up palettes.
    Fall is all about bold color.  In the summer, less is more.  So you’re more likely to stick to light, shimmery, shadows and soft lipsticks.  Fall is the opposite – you can be more adventurous and embrace that dark side of the palette.  Focus on the shadow in the crease of your eyes and add some flair to your eyeliner (hellooooo cat-eye!).  Shimmer is still a great asset to keep those eyes big and bright! Use those light colors in the center corner and highlight the brow bone.
    When you want to find the perfect lipstick, look in those deep, rich, colors. Keep in mind not all skin tones love the same shade.  So if you’re not sure consult your neighborhood cosmetic retail associate to help match you!
  5. Bust out those booties!
    Boots may be my favorite fashion staple with fall weather.  I love my moccasin and riding boots and all of my bootie heels.  You can wear boots with everything! Leggings, dresses, and jeans! With boots, you can always add a little extra flair – boot socks are probably the best creation ever.  You can add those fun patterned leggings with some accent color socks to balance out your look.

Just because the weather is cooling off, doesn’t mean your style has to.  You can find clothes and hairstyles and makeup that reflects you and doesn’t clash with the seasonal changes.  And you don’t have to go with what’s hip in the fashion magazines – add your own flair and always wear what makes you comfortable!!


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