23 Irritating Things You’d Only Wish on Your Worst Enemy

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23 Irritating Things You’d Only Wish on Your Worst Enemy

Let’s be honest here, almost everyone has enemies. Sometimes you wish that karma would just speed herself up a little bit and give them what they deserve.

1. That the article they just opened loads extra slow, then once it opens, it makes them click an ad first.

2. Their headphones snag on every single door handle they come across.

3. While they are trying to sleep the temperature fluctuates to where they can’t get comfortable under the blanket.

4. Step in a wet spot after putting on fresh socks.

5. That their coffee is too hot when they first get it, then too cold by the time they remember it’s there.

6. That all of their Facebook notifications are game invites.

7. They are sitting next to someone extremely sick, but there are no other seats.

8. Get that feeling like they have to sneeze, but they end up losing it and can’t.

9. That the person driving in front of them is going 15mph below the speed limit and they can’t get around.

10. Enter a room and forget why they went in there in the first place.

11. Pour a bowl of cereal and remember there’s no milk in the fridge.

12. Their laptop dies right before they get to plug it in.

13. That their windshield wipers squeak when they are on, but they can’t see when they are off.

14. Go to poop in a public bathroom and then realize too late that there’s no toilet paper.

15. The hot water runs out of the shower as they start shampooing.

16. When they pick up a slice of pizza all the cheese slides off.

17. Right when they get home from the grocery store they realize they forgot eggs.

18. That they get soaked washing the dishes, because the stream of water hit a spoon at an awkward angle.

19. Wake up four minutes before their alarm goes off.

20. They feel the vibrating sensation of their cell phone going off in their pocket…but it’s not even in their pocket.

21. When they want a Capri Sun, they can never get the straw in it.

22. When and push open a door that clearly says ‘Pull Open’ on it.

23. That they have one song stuck inside their head all day and can’t get rid of it.

These are just plain evil. Are you cruel enough to wish them upon your worst enemies?


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