20 Reasons That Prove We Are Watching ‘Big Paul’ Instead of Big Brother

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20 Reasons That Prove We Are Watching ‘Big Paul’ Instead of Big Brother

I truly believe choosing to bring Paul back automatically sent this season into the ground. And what is sad about that, is Paul isn’t even a ‘master manipulator’, he is just surrounded by a bunch of unmotivated, boring house guests.

No one in that house, aside from Paul, knows how to play the game and if they do, they aren’t doing a good job showing it.

I am not sure if the other house guests just want to hand Paul the money or if they just are really….that dumb.

Paul is on his way to the easiest $500,000 grand prize in Big Brother history.

Here are the main reasons we should all start calling this season ‘Big Paul’:


  1.  Episode one was all about Paul. So literally since day one, it’s been all about Paul.
  2.  Poor Cameron got evicted night one, just for Paul to have a spot.
  3. Paul being safe for 3 weeks….and CBS claims we voted for him? Yeah..no.
  4. Paul being a vet, automatically gives him a one up against the rest, he knows the game better than anyone else in the house.
  5. CBS made it so that everyone in the house wanted to get on Paul’s good side and be his friend.
  6.  Giving Paul friendship bracelets and giving him complete control, day one made it apparent it was Paul’s show.
  7.  Everyone just follows Paul around like a bunch of minions.
  8. No one in that house has any logic on how to strategize.
  9. No one else has as much diary room footage as Paul.
  10. I’m not sure why they have an HOH comp anymore…Paul makes all of the decisions..
  11. Paul is actually not a beast, he is actually a big floater in this game.
  12. No one even bats an eye at putting Paul up..and it’s not because they see him as a threat, its because they just are too dumb to see that he has everyone under his wings.
  13. Christmas competing in the most recent HOH competition, where she clearly had to hop/sprint on her “injured” foot, proves that CBS really wants Paul to win..seeing as she was supposed to not compete in any physical competitions.
  14. Paul has no strategy.. CBS literally gave him half the show.
  15. Paul has started almost every single fight and literally just sits back and watches it unfold. Some may say that’s him being a ‘mastermind’ but I really just see it as him being a big pansy, too scared of confrontation.
  16. Paul has only played a good game because everyone else in the house is stupid, not because he is actually playing a good game.
  17. There are so many things that Paul has done, that are actually morally wrong, but only the live feeders get to see because CBS portrays Paul as some saint when in reality, he is not a decent human.
  18. Paul knows he has all of these people under his wings. The only thing we can hope for is someone to come to their senses and take him out, as soon as possible.
  19. Paul isn’t likeable like he was last season, it’s not about Friendship and laughs this season, it is literally about floating around from pair to pair until they hand him the big check.
  20.  CBS is really just allowing Paul to make his head EVEN bigger and up his ego. They are making him believe he really is some master manipulator, when he is really just is the only one who is somewhat playing.


Paul’s presence has literally taken the fun away from Big Brother. He has basically made it so that no one will act strategically, and instead they all just look at Paul for cues on what to do.. Can they eat? Can they go to the bathroom? Only if Paul says so…

Maybe if they didn’t bring Paul back we could actually see some of these people play, but we will never know.


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Hi, my name is Justice Parker. I am co-owner of this website. I have a passion for writing. And I am a young mom who is fueled by a sassy little girl, strong coffee and loud laughter.


  1. Michelle Raney September 4, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    Agree 10000%! Good review of the Big Paul show!

  2. Kate Bradley September 5, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Spot on! Also, he’s actually quite mean on the feeds. CBS doesn’t show any of the horrible things these people have said to their weekly targets.

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