20 Annoying Things We Tell Ourselves that Tear Us Down

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20 Annoying Things We Tell Ourselves that Tear Us Down

We all do it.  Whether it’s looking in the mirror every morning and counting off all of the things we hate about ourselves my eyes are too squinty, my arms are too long, I’m too skinny, I’m too fat, I’ll never look like Kate Upton…

We constantly degrade ourselves on what we don’t have rather than praise what we do have; and after a while, it takes a HUGE toll on our self-esteem and overall feelings of worthiness.  Here are 20 ways to destructive self-worth:

1. The first thing you think of in the morning: ugh, another day.

2. You spend an unnecessary amount of time in your closet trying one outfit after another and picking apart why you never have anything “cute” to wear.

3. While you’re getting ready you repeatedly tell yourself: what’s the point? No one notices me anyways.

4. You walk through your daily routine without noticing the beauty of each day.

5. You compare your life status to those of your peers and question where did I go wrong?

6. You live by a strict timeline. Graduate college, get a job, find a partner, get married, buy a house, have kids…

7.  You tell yourself you are a failure because your actual life path goes against that fairytale timeline your created when you were 14 years old.

8.  You hate your job and refuse to do anything to make it better.

9.  You settle into a relationship rather than be alone.

10. You depend on the love of others because you don’t know how to love yourself.

11. You refuse to take risks or try new things because you “just know” you will fail or look like an idiot.

12. You convince yourself people are watching and judging your every move.

13. You read one after another self-development books, but never actually act on the advice or allow yourself to soak in the knowledge and possibility.

14. You promise yourself you will start taking better care of yourself, then decide what’s the point? I am how I am for a reason…

15. You throw yourself weekly pity parties because in your mind no one likes you or wants to be around you because they never invite you to things…

16. You make up lame excuses for why you can’t go see your favorite band with that one coworker, even when you know it would be a really great time.

17. That cute guy from work asks you out, but you tell yourself he definitely is not into you and it must have been a dare or pity date because look at me.

18. You hate everything you used to love; so you start living a hermit-zombie life.

19. You look back on your youth as you have lived so far and focus on the mistakes and “what-ifs” instead of the wonderful adventures and experiences you had.

20. You’ve read through this list knowing damn well you do AT LEAST 75% of these items, and still refuse to make any changes.

NOW! Here’s what I have to say to all this mumbo-jumbo you’re telling yourself – STOP IT! You are a bad ass, beautiful, human being! You have a purpose in this world that no one else can perform EXCEPT you!  You have been hit with one after another curveball from life and are STILL standing!  Stop comparing yourself.  Stop telling yourself you are unworthy – because you are! DO YOU HEAR ME!? YOU FUCKING MATTER!

Life has an uncanny way of working itself out without you even realizing it.  Relationships come and go because they served their purpose for that time and then it was time to move on.  You are NOT unworthy!  Anyone who tells you differently does not deserve to be graced with your presence!


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Hi, I'm Brooke. I'm addicted to Starbucks and my pomeranian Tinkerbell. If I could name one thing I would want my readers to take from my posts it would be that their reactions to my words are theirs alone. I cannot force you to feel what I feel when I write. So always take responsibility and find meaning in the world as it best applies to you.