13 Phrases Guys Use That Let You Know The Truth About Their Intentions

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13 Phrases Guys Use That Let You Know The Truth About Their Intentions

Well there’s this guy you are interested in…the one who texts you all the time, who flirts with you, laughs with you and you seem to be totally on the same page. You are waiting for the right words, the right move to take this further and to be in a relationship with him.
But you keep waiting and wondering. He did drop a few words here and there that sound like phrases you heard before but you aren’t sure what he really means with it.

Sometimes we can get confused with what guys mean because we are getting our hopes up when we meet a guy we want to date. We hope he could be boyfriend material and we start to overanalyze the words to our liking.
Here are a few phrases lots of guys use and the meanings behind it.

1. I’m not looking for anything serious

Sometimes this phrase comes added with an “at the moment”…
Whatever his life situation is, believe his words and move on.
Unless you just want a hook up but if you do, don’t expect him to change his mind about not wanting anything serious. If you are a person who gets emotionally attached after having sex with a guy, don’t do it.

2. I don’t want to hurt you

Unless you are okay to keep things casual, trying to win him over, is a waste of time and effort.
He knows you want more and he also knows that he won’t be there for you.

3. I’m not looking for a relationship

It’s exactly what he’s saying. Don’t try to change his mind with convincing him you could be the one. You know what you want…and he knows what he wants/don’t want. Save your breath and leave him alone.

4. Want to come over? -Netflix and chill?

It means sex. He wants to hookup with you. Even if you know the guy, be careful with entering his home. Boy, did I learn my lesson with this.
A guy inviting you in his home even you never flirted with him before, means 99,9% he tries to have sex with you.

5. This girl is hot/sexy!

A guy who’s openly commenting on other women’s looks in front of you, doesn’t give a shit about your feelings and he doesn’t take you seriously as potential girlfriend either.

6. Keep in touch

He will forget about you as soon as you leave. He doesn’t give you a time or place to meet up but exchanges numbers. Occasionally texts or calls but only if you are nearby, he wants to meet up…if you meet up he will try to hookup.
And that’s it.
He has you on the backburner on a very low flame, ready for the occasion.

7. I’m sick OR my mother got sick

They text you all the time and then dissapear. Days or weeks…even months later they text you again saying they were sick or some other bullshit excuse.
The truth is, they lost interest because they found someone else to shack up with. Now they want a fresh body to mingle with and go through their phone contacts and see your name again. So he gives it another try. Maybe he gets lucky this time.

8. My ex is crazy/ a psycho

When guys talk shit about their ex, it’s a red flag. Be aware of that. He only can tell his side of the story but it could also be that he’s trying to paint himself as the victim when in reality he is the crazy bitch.

9. “Silence”

Silence is a valid response. Sure he could be busy but….if he truly is interested in you, he will not let you wait.

10. I’m single but I have friends

It means he has “female friends” (yes plural) that he sees but he prefers to stay single so he can have them all. We should avoid to get put on his list of “there is always someone he can call and someone that is calling him” even if he’s single.

11. We are just having a good time

He likes the situation the way it is. Whether you have physical action with him or you just going out with him, he’s content and doesn’t plan on changing anything.

12. This is my friend or this is (insert your name)

If he introduces you as his friend, then you are just that to him, a friend.
If he introduces you as his shorty, that’s what you are to him. It’s the moment of truth if you aren’t sure of your title.

13. I like chilling at my place

It’s another hidden speech that he’s only interested at seeing you at night or behind closed doors and not comfortable being out in public with you.
The same time whenever you talk to him throughout the week, he’s out and having a great time at clubs or with his friends. You have to find out what’s going on. What it could mean is that he is actively dating, just not you.

It needs a little practice to weed out the bad from the good guys but if you listen to your intuition and take off your rosa colored sunglasses when it comes to believing every sweet word a guy says, you should be good. When in doubt, ask your girl friends. They will honestly tell you if they think he deserves you or not. That’s what friends are for.


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