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11 Things Parents Get Judged For But Shouldn’t

Welcome to parenting, where people tell you outright that you’re not doing it right.

Here are things that parents judge other parents for but totally shouldn’t:

1. Taking Pictures

‘Shouldn’t you be living in the moment, put your phone down!’

Calm down Judge Judy, I’d like to relive this moment in about 5 years.

2.  Using Pacifiers

‘Don’t give your kid a pacifier, they will become dependent and you won’t ever get them off of it’

Uh, okay. Then I don’t want you to complain when this baby won’t stop screaming.

3. Potty Training 

‘He is going on 1 and they have yet to start potty training him..he is so behind’

‘They use M&M’s as rewards for their kid going on the potty, uh.. that is so not going to work. They will just be making them so unhealthy’

Well, it worked for me Barbara…

4. Food

“That poor kid lives on mac and cheese and hotdogs. They’ll probably have high blood pressure by college!”

“Did you hear? That poor kid is being forced to eat nothing but organic vegetables. No wonder they only want sugar when the come to our house!”

Maybe my kid only will eat mac and cheese and hotdogs and refuses to eat anything else, shall I let him starve instead?

5. Electronic Usage

‘Your kid needs to get out of the house, be adventurous. Get them off the couch’

I am so glad to know that you know exactly how much time my kid spends on electronics and how much time they spend outside, thank you.

6. Education

‘Private school? Your kids are never going to fit in with other kids, they aren’t gonna learn anything of value’

‘Public school? That is just sickening. They are going to be around bad influences, they aren’t gonna learn anything of value’

“Home school? Seriously? Just shelter them from anyone and everything, they aren’t gonna learn anything of value.’


7. Breastfeeding 

‘If you don’t breastfeed you are a terrible mom’

“She still breastfeeds her baby and he’s 18 months old. That’s just not right!”

Yeah, cause there aren’t health risks or valid reasons on why a woman doesn’t breastfeed.

Oh, and same… there aren’t valid reasons why woman continue breastfeeding past what YOU think is a valid time frame. LOL

8. Milestones

‘Can you believe that baby isn’t walking yet?’

Sorry that my baby isn’t freaking baby version of Hulk Hogan.

9. Messy House

‘Your house is a disaster..it can’t be healthy to raise kids there’

Yeah, yeah it is. I kind of work a 9-5 and have tiny monsters running around.

10. Post-baby weight

“She’s already lost all the weight and her baby isn’t even two whole months. It’s like she cares more about how she looks than about her baby!”

“She’s still calling it her baby weight. Um, her kid is going on six.”

I like to workout, does that mean I don’t care about my baby?

11. Whether they are working or non-working 

Stay at home parent? I would be so bored. What do they do all day? It’s a free pass’

‘You work how many hours? I couldn’t let someone else raise my children…that’s basically what is happening you know..’

So if you work to provide for your family you are horrible because you have someone else raising your child, but if you don’t work then you are horrible because you must not do anything all day. OKAY.

Sometimes being a parent means failing in public. Even if you’re not failing, there are eyes on you all day every day. One day you think you’re totally winning at life with the kids and then some person sees you at the grocery stores and starts to shame you for letting your kid drink out of the juice that you are planning on buying for them anyway.


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