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38 Reasons Why Big Brother 19 Might be the Worst Season Yet


If you are a Big Brother junkie like me, you might be going through a “phase” right now.

You don’t know whether you love it or hate it this season. It’s definitely a back and forth argument in your head.

Ever season of BB is different, they all have something special that makes it a unique season, […]

When Music Speaks To Your Soul And Tells Your Story


(The following was previously published on MEDIUM.COM  and (TheMighty.com)

I recently discovered a new artist on Spotify by the name of Nicole Nordeman, And the song that spoke to me was a song called, “The Sound Of Surviving.” One line in this song really got to me. “These pieces the ones that left me bleeding. […]

13 Phrases Guys Use That Let You Know The Truth About Their Intentions


Well there’s this guy you are interested in…the one who texts you all the time, who flirts with you, laughs with you and you seem to be totally on the same page. You are waiting for the right words, the right move to take this further and to be in a relationship with him.
But you […]

If You’re Divorced There Is Nothing to be Ashamed Of, It Simply Just Didn’t Work


Once apon a time I dreamed of having the picture perfect life… Three kids, two dogs, a successful career, a lovely house, and a man that was nothing less than someone that looked  like Jon Snow only taller with a very successful job….. I was four, and obviously read a lot of fairy tales and […]

It’s Time For African Americans to get off the Bottom Of The Totem Pole


For many years African Americans have been portrayed as being violent, lazy, uneducated, and ignorant. We have also been stereotyped for having the love for certain foods, such as watermelon, fried chicken, cornbread, and drinking kool aide. Growing up, I have never took the stereotypes seriously until I graduated from high school, joined the military, […]