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20 Rules to Follow While Going Through Life


Here are 20 rules to follow while going through this crazy thing called life:

1. LOVE yourself, love people, love nature, love life, love… loving!!!

2. RESPECT OTHERS: we are not all looking, thinking, acting the same.

We all have our different Angels and Demons playing chess in our minds.

So, let other people drive through their own highway! Don’t cross […]

Why Investing in Yourself is the Key to Success


Yvonne, you are not ordinary but Extraordinary’ and that is what I tell myself daily and I Stand by that Affirmation!

Why, I hear you ask? I have always this deep desire to make a change in the world and be successful in all I lay my hands to. And defining Success can be quite relative?

So […]

Be True To Yourself! Here Are Three Important Reasons Why


In a sea full of people, you must be true to yourself!

At some point in everyone’s life, we reach that time when we stop caring what people think. Some reach it sooner than others. Some only on their death bed while other’s have stood out as teenagers. You would think that being true to yourself […]

The Only Thing You Need to do to Be a Good Mom


Hello friends,

My daughter’s second birthday was this last weekend, and as we ran around desperately trying to get everything together for the party I didn’t really feel like having, for someone who wouldn’t know the difference but our society loves to see anyway…I felt like a total failure. I couldn’t even have my ish together […]

Facing Fears


I’m no Tony Robbins, but I’m here to tell you that your fears won’t literally kill you. That may seem like a harsh way to start an article but it’s true. Unless your fear happens to be something like a deadly animal or natural disaster, then maybe it will. Nonetheless, you should face […]

Remove The Non progressive Sticker When Taking About Cerebral Palsy


Remove The Non-progressive sticker when talking about CP

Cerebral Palsy,  which is the most common childhood disability in the world, with 17 million affected by CP (myself being one of them.) I was told from a very young age, that my cerebral palsy would either get worse or it would not.

“Okay, well that’s great. Thanks for […]

Trust In Relationships, From the Man’s Point of View



Some people who read this will respond with a “yep, me too”. These people may have been betrayed enough that they no longer see value in trust.

Some people will ask “Does that mean you don’t trust ANYBODY?”

Quite the contrary. Choosing to withhold trust leaves me in a […]

Music: The Language Known by All


Hans Christian Anderson said it best: Where words fail, music speaks.  Music allows us to express ourselves in ways that words cannot match.  For those who struggle expressing their emotions, music becomes their voice.

I remember growing up in a home where music was always around me.  My daily soundtrack included soft ballads in the mornings, […]