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Why I Will Always Go to the Funeral


People I don’t know very well tend to ask me this question: “Remember in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when…?” Without waiting for an answer, they continue their story because of course everyone in the world has seen it. If you don’t know me, I understand that assumption.

Most people spent their good-old-days years building […]

Listening to the Signs – and There are a Lot of Them


I can’t decide what to have for lunch. Do I want a kale salad with pepitas and tofu, no dressing please, or a giant, juicy burger with bacon and blue cheese? This is my perpetual struggle. Applebees is my own personal purgatory. It is so anxiety inducing for me, in fact, that I often avoid going out to […]

Making Friends


“I don’t know how to make friends.”

“What do men do together? Don’t they just hang out, drink beer, and watch football?”

“Men just don’t get close like women do, it would just be weird.”

I spent most of the years of my marriage hiding – first because we were newlyweds. Then we started having children, and with […]

The Biggest Mistake a Stay at Home Mom Might Be Making


The number one fear a stay at home mom has is that they aren’t making their husband happy. Juggling after-school activities, kids, shopping, cleaning, and bedtime, husbands are usually the first to be thrown to the back burner.

As a mom, and a wife, that haunts me when I go to bed at night.

Did I take […]

The Struggle Before The Triumph in being in a Long-Distance Relationship


Long-distance relationships are hard. And when I say that I don’t mean because of the obvious. Unlike The T.V. Show, 90-Day Fiancee, Chris and I don’t glorify our relationship with cameras. That is not “reality” to us by any means.  Reality involves family, tears, frustration, pain, joy. It means living life as if the person […]

Coming Face to Face with Vulnerability


“Vulnerability is at the core, the center, of meaningful human experiences.”

-Brené Brown

Learning to be vulnerable is a pretty big undertaking, but it’s also a necessary step in the direction of healthy relationships. Self-care has become a priority for me, and having connections with people I can count on is a huge […]