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Mufti and Suhana


After spending two months among doctors and nurses in clinics, having heavy dosages of medicines, crying in severe pain while those number of syringes were pinching my nerves for number of days and left designs like red-black tattoo on my hands. These two months were horrible for me which took me in another world. As I started […]

A Different Point of View- Crocheting for Success


Thinking, thinking, thinking, Panicking?  Running any sort of business can be extremely stressful at times. small home businesses tend to be more stressful. I’ve been documenting my journey to make $30,000 in the next 42 days, as you can imagine, that is extremely stressful.

Many of you would also like to reach that goal, but instead […]

Day 2 of my 42 Day Journey to making 30,000 Crocheting


November 21, 2017

Yesterday was very intense, I reached my daily goal with reindeer hats.

Granted I sold a couple of other things, but it was really mainly reindeer’s….I plan on having all those complete and mailed out tomorrow (the 22nd) When advertising, I told everyone that santa hats and reindeer hats are only available until Nov […]

Day 1 of my 42 day journey to making 30,000 crocheting


November 20, 2017

Today is officially day one of my 42 day challenge, and hopefully some of you are doing this with me. If you are choosing to wait until next year to start this challenge, I will be blogging in January with all sorts of tips to help you build up inventory to prepare since […]

Four Ways to Enlighten your Mood to Counter Depression


The depression that I hate is the depression that comes out of nowhere, and when I mean out of nowhere I am mean it literally sneaks up on you. It sneaks up on you when you are in a peaceful mood doing your normal things. However, the best thing about depression is that it does […]

Day 0 of my 42 Day Journey to make 30,000 Crocheting


November 19, 2017

Hi! If you are reading this you are probably interested in making a living off of crocheting, or you are interested in how I managed to do it. The next 42 days I will be documenting my process to how I manage to make a living with crocheting (I suppose you could do […]

Pinko Design


We have Pinko in our shop and i thought it would be nice to know some more about this brand..Pinko is not a familiar brand to me but their clothes and accesoires are of high quality and are showed by supermodels.. so they are well-known in Fashionland..

Pinko was established in 1986 in Fidenza (Italy) by Pietro […]



I have anxiety, this is nothing new. People always wonder why because I always look happy and never panicked. Let me tell you a story…..

I went to the dermatologist today and I decided to dress up since I bought a new scarf and it’s finally cold enough to wear it. As soon as I walk […]